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Here you can find a set of extremely useful web-programming libraries in PHP, Perl and JavaScript. Lots of these libraries are used in many projects developed by the author. They are also supported by the author (new versions, debugging, bug fixes etc.).

Dom_varimport: a simple PHP extension to convert nested arrays into DOMDocument.  2014-04-17
CacheLRUd: Implements cache LRU cleanup (as in memcached) for MongoDB.  2014-04-10
DB_Micro: Minimalistic DB abstraction layer with replication support (master preference detection, per-user slave up-to-date check etc.) .  2014-01-15
GoogleHangoutRenice: make your computer faster when you use Google Hangout.  2013-03-30
dklab_vzfailcnt: send OpenVZ failcnt changes over e-mail.  2012-10-06
dkLab RealSync: replicate developer's files over SSH in realtime.  2011-10-22
DB_Type: conversion of complex PostgreSQL types (ARRAY, ROW, HSTORE) to PHP and vice versa.  2011-08-07
dklab_logreplica: gathers logs from multiple machines into one place in realtime.  2011-06-29
dklab_pgmigrator: complete PostgreSQL live scheme migration tool.  2011-04-10
dklab_vzset: set barier/limit for OpenVZ UBC option interactively.  2010-11-12
dklab_vzmem: visual noncontradictory memory distribution tool for OpenVZ.  2010-08-17
dklab_rowlog: PostgreSQL row-level logging tool.  2010-08-12
Debug_ErrorHook: intercept PHP errors (including fatals) and process them - e.g. send to E-mail.  2010-05-09
Dklab_Route: Library to match() and assemble() URLs using various methods.  2010-05-08
HTTP_ImageResizer: Load and resize images from non-file sources with nginx caching.  2010-05-08
dklab vzfirewall: simple firewall management for OpenVZ.  2010-03-16
dklab_vzenter: "vzctl enter" using a domain name part (for OpenVZ).  2009-09-10
Dklab_SoapClient: parallel SOAP queries, reconnect, timeout processing.  2008-02-04
PHP_Exceptionizer: converting E_NOTICE to Exception.  2009-01-21
HTTP_StaticMerger: Automatical "merging" of CSS and JS files for faster load.  2008-11-23
PGUnit: stored procedures unit-test framework for PostgreSQL 8.3.  2008-11-03
PostgreSQL 8.3+, 9.1+ ALTER ENUM emulation: element addition/removal, transactions.  2008-08-13
dkLab PostgreSQL patch: work with very huge integer arrays.  2008-05-20
dkLab Apache: virtual hosts with privileges of separated users.  2007-02-31
Sshbak: Simple unix-based remote backup system over SSH.  2006-06-01
DbSimple: simplest way to work with various RDBMs.  2006-03-03
JsHttpRequest 5: cross-browser AJAX + file uploading.  2006-07-29

All sample source codes referred by articles are available for downloading as separate zip-archives. Each article followed by reference to such archive. Many documents also have lings for online-testing of described samples.

You can discuss, report errors and request changes in new versions at Dk lab forum.

Dmitry Koterov, Dk lab. ©1999-2020
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